Why moms?

I’m a few weeks out from receiving my Health Coach certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

IIN stresses finding what they call a “target market” – a super specific group of people that you market your health coaching services to.  In my journey at IIN I wasn’t completely sure I wanted to do health coaching (and to be frank, I’m still not sure I do but I’m doing this as a way to put myself out there and really see if I do or not!)  and I was reluctant to choose a target market.

I’ll never forget when I “chose” to work with moms.  I was in the weekly yoga class that my work offers, and as Dorie was getting the class started we all were chatting about how she came to be a yoga teacher and left a corporate job.  Out of the blue, the thought came to me “I should work with moms!”

That message clearly came from my heart, because my head is telling me that working with moms can be challenging because their time is so limited and they’re pulled in so many different directions.  But as a busy mom myself, and one who (so I’ve been told) does a decent job of feeding her kids well and eats really healthy (to the point where that last comment is almost delivered as an insult… what’s that all about?!?!) – I must know some things that other moms don’t, and I should share that knowledge.  I’ve come to believe that it’s my mission…and my responsibility…to do so.

And so Mom Tidbites is born….

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