Virtual Classroom

In today’s fast paced society, it isn’t easy for moms to get everyone in the family to eat healthy meals… and what is a healthy diet anymore anyway? Join me in my virtual classroom to clear up all of the confusion and get the information you need to build a healthier, happier family!

Nutrition Basics: The “YOU” / Real Food Diet

Low fat, low carb, paleo, vegan… what’s the best diet to follow? Cut through the media confusion and learn what diet you and your family should be following. The answer may surprise you! Also, top ingredients to avoid and how I was able to lose those last 10 stubborn pounds with little effort.

Put your Oxygen Mask on First: Healthy Mom 101 911!

Oftentimes mom’s needs get put last. Explore how to create balance in your life, take better care of yourself, reduce stress and tackle the biggest struggles you face around food and diet.

Picky Eaters Anonymous

Will your child only eat dinosaur chicken nuggets and cheese pizza? Learn how to combat picky eating and get your child to eat more of the foods you know they should be eating! Plus, healthy breakfast and snack options for your little ones.

What’s for dinner? Meal Planning Made Simple

Fill up your toolbox with lots of new tips, tricks, and ideas for getting healthy meals on the table with the least amount of effort. Together we will also brainstorm ideas on how to “healthy up” your family favorite recipes and help you kickstart your meal planning strategy!