The Talking Cucumber

The Talking Cucumber | Carrie Rubin Health Coaching

One of my favorite tips to conquer picky eating is to make food fun. I share several ways how to do this in my Picky Eaters Anonymous class, but wanted to share a story that happened the other day with my daughter.

It was 5:30 PM.  I was making dinner and she was doing her typical routine that occurs around this hour:

Sophia: “Mooooommmmmm! I’m huuuuunnnnnggggrrryyyyyy!”

Me: “I’m making dinner, we’ll be eating soon.”

Sophia: “Mooooommmmmm! I’m starving!”

Me: “Ok, if you’re hungry, I’ll get you some cucumbers and hummus.”

Sophia: “Cucumbers are DISGUSTING! I want a snack!”

My kids would subsist on snacks (granola bars, trail mix, crackers, etc) alone if I let them. Sound familiar?

Me: “Well, if you were really hungry, you’d eat the cucumbers.”

Sophia: whining and crying continues. And continues. And continues.


Somehow I feel as though I’m not alone with experiencing this scenario. Every day. 🙂


Instead of continuing to battle her and/or listen to her incessant whining, I decided to get creative.  I grabbed the cucumber out of the fridge and had it start talking to her in a silly voice.

“Why won’t you eat me? I love you!!”

The talking cucumber routine continued, and it came up to her and gave her kisses on the cheek (yes, I’m a goofball) and talked to her about his siblings (other cucumbers from the fridge, who came out and said hi) and his cousins (pickles, who also said hi).  Her crying turned to whimpers and eventually laughter and she then started talking back to the cucumber.

Eventually, without me pushing it, she asked me for cucumbers. And hummus.

Mom 1. Sophia 0.

So, she still had a snack, but it was something small that wouldn’t ruin her dinner and had some nutrition to it. And the tears turned to laughter.  And we had fun.

How are you going to make healthy food fun today?

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