Picky Eaters Anonymous

Picky Eating.

When I poll moms of young children, picky eating is one of the most common problems that they face as it relates to food, health, and nutrition in their families.

The struggle is real.Picky Eaters are the WORST!

  • Only noodles and nuggets.
  • Pizza but without the cheese.
  • Not one vegetable for weeks on end.
  • Loves a food one day then throws it on the floor the next day.
  • Will only accept the branded granola bar and not the generic.
  • Massive tears appear if the banana is served broken.


There is a lot of stories like the above, but the solutions are thin.


Until now.


My Picky Eaters Anonymous Class will fill your toolbox with over 15 tips, tricks, and tools to get your child on board with eating a broader range of healthier foods.


In this class we cover:

  • The seven biggest mistakes parents make as it relates to kids and food and how you may be setting yourself up for struggles, and how to course-correct to get the family back on track.Your intentions are good.  Their resolve is strong. The tantrums are epic.  It creates a perfect storm of pickiness in a lot of households.   Uncover what you’re unknowingly doing to sabotage your well intentioned plans.
  • Six ways to get your children to try new foods – they might even have fun with it!No one wants to be monitoring every bite or begging your child to eat the healthy stuff.  Fill up your toolbox with fun, interesting and creative ways to get kids on board with eating and trying more foods.  Every child is different, so the more tools you have at your disposal, the better!
  • Two tips to get you on the right path relative to what you should be feeding your kids – and what you shouldn’t!I think we all know we should be adding in more fruits and vegetables, right?  Take it a step beyond that and learn a few more things about what your child’s diet should look like with these two tips.

Register here to take this enlightening class and arm yourself with 15 different strategies to conquer the picky eating in your home today!


Need to call in reinforcements?

Information is one thing, implementing it is another.

Feel like you might need some one on one support? Someone to create a plan with and hold your hand through the transition? Need a cheerleader as you make the changes in your home?

Drop me a line and let’s talk through how I might be able to support you getting your child on board with eating a broader, healthier range of foods. Let’s schedule your complimentary 30 minute ‘Picky Eater Battleplan’ session and determine what’s the root cause of the problem and how we might be able to get things moving in the right direction. Contact me today and let me know you’re interested and we’ll go from there!