Nutrition Basics: The “YOU” / Real Food Diet Class Page


Course overview:

Discuss different “popular” diets, weed through all of the conflicting information and dissect what the most important pieces of an ideal diet looks like and what foods you should be avoiding.  Further refine that ideal by fine tuning it to figure out what the best diet is for you by exploring food sensitivities and intolerances as well as making sure your blood sugar stays balanced.

Course Powerpoint Slides: Nutrition Basics

You can find all the class resources below the video!


“Popular” Diets in the Media



Low Fat/High-Carb

Obesity Rates & USDA Guidelines

Paleo/Atkins – Low Carbohydrate approaches

US Government Food Pyramid from 1992 & My Plate

Dietary Theory Graphics Library – larger view of the pyramids and plates explored in the dietary theory portion of the class


The Ideal Diet Components

  • Vegetables & Fruits
    • Glorious Greens – benefits of green veggies and how to cook them.
    • Clean 15 / Dirty Dozen – which produce is heavily sprayed with pesticides and best bought organic, and which you can get away with buying conventional
  • Grains
    • Great Grains – this handout has an overview of real whole grains and how to cook them.
  • Protein
  • Fats & Oils
  • Water
  • Primary Food: Relationships, Career, Spirituality, Physical Activity. See my class on ‘Healthy Mom 911’ for more information on this!
  • Dairy
    • Here is a great article (“Why Don’t I Need to Worry About Calcium?”) on The Paleo Mom which explains why the standard notion of you must eat dairy for calcium doesn’t make the most sense.  I love her blog because she has her explanations rooted firmly in science (which speaks to the biologist in me!)

Foods to Avoid

Top 10 Food Ingredients to Avoid

Feingold – Artificial Flavors, Colors, Preservatives – gives a little more detail on why these three components of processed food are especially bad

Fine Tuning the Ideal Diet

Practical Paleo Guide to Sweeteners – great list of all of the different words used for sugar. Look out for hidden sugars in any packaged food you buy. You might be surprised at how much you’ll find!

The Metabolic Type Self Test – find out what your ideal macronutrient ratio is.

Blood Type Diet Info – fine tuning your diet based on blood type

Breakfast Experiment – start learning about what fuel works best for your body.

My Fitness Pal macronutrient breakdown chart

My Fitness Pal app & website – I use this to help give me a sense of how my macronutrient ratios shake out at each meal.  I don’t recommend logging every meal (unless you find it helpful!), but to use it to gauge what your ratio of protein to carb to fat is at a meal and how you react to those ratios.  If you recall in the class, I don’t recommend counting calories and that is largely what this app is for.

Chew your food!

Food Sensitivities – most common culprits as it relates to food sensitivities, what causes them, and how to do an elimination diet.

Summary of the components of an ideal diet handout.



Blood Sugar Balancing

Blood Sugar Rollercoaster – explains what blood sugar is all about and includes an activity to see how well you’re keeping your blood sugar balanced.


Phew! That was a lot of information to digest! (pun intended)  I hope you found a “tidbite” or two that will help you figure out what your “YOU” diet looks like.

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