Newark YOU Diet Page Resources

Thank you for attending the “YOU” Diet Lunch and Learn!


Here are the links to the resources I discussed in the class.

  • Regarding Fruits & Vegetables: Clean 15 / Dirty Dozen – which produce is heavily sprayed with pesticides and best bought organic, and which you can get away with buying conventional
  • Grains: Great Grains – this handout has an overview of real whole grains and how to cook them.
  • Dairy: “Why Don’t I Need to Worry About Calcium?” and “The Great Dairy Debate” on The Paleo Mom which explains why the standard notion of you must eat dairy for calcium doesn’t make the most sense.  I love her blog because she has her explanations rooted firmly in science (which speaks to the biologist in me!)


The Metabolic Type Self Test – find out what your ideal macronutrient ratio is.