How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Veggies

How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Veggies - The Eat a Rainbow Plate Printable Kit | Carrie Rubin Health Coaching

Even Health Coaches Struggle With Picky Eaters

I’ll never forget one of my daughter’s well visits with her pediatrician (I think it was maybe her 12 or 18 month checkup) where I asked him how to get her to eat more vegetables.  He looked at me like I was a little crazy and said, “Carrie, if I knew that I’d be a rich man!”


Ah yes, the picky eaters.   I know so many moms struggle with it; when I ask about the biggest pain points around food & nutrition with moms, the picky eating always rises to the top.  We all know they should be eating more fruits and veggies, but it can become so challenging when kids hit the toddler years and have opinions and tantrums in their daily repertoire.


After that visit with the pediatrician I set out on filling my toolbox with as many tips and tricks I possibly could find to conquer the picky eating.  I’m happy to say that my kids have progressed a lot over the last couple of years because I’ve implemented a lot of the tools that I teach in my Picky Eaters Anonymous Class.  One of my favorite tools is creating an incentive chart, and I’m excited to share the printable Eat a Rainbow Plate Kit with you so you can see the magic happen in your house too!

Eat a Rainbow Plate Kit: Get Your Kids to Eat More Fruits & Veggies


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Here’s how the kit works!  It’s basically a fun, colorful incentive chart, and it has multiple ways to track their healthy eating habits and includes the following:

  • Rainbow Plate Chart – Hang this in a prominent place in your kitchen to remind the family to eat their produce!  It shows all the colors of the rainbow and examples of which fruits and veggies fall into each color of the plate.Rainbow Plate Chart | Carrie Rubin Health Coaching
  • Rainbow Plate Coloring Page – Either print out each day and have your child color with crayons or markers when they eat a fruit or veggie of a particular color OR slip a printed page into a sheet protector and use dry erase markers to color in for an evergreen way to track their progress!
    Rainbow Plate coloring page
  • Rainbow Plate Sticker Chart – Use this for weekly tracking by marking off each color box with a pen or marker, or get some sparkly rainbow star stickers to reward the fruit/veggie consumption with some pizzazz!
    Rainbow Plate Sticker Chart
  • Rainbow Plate Calendar – Use this for tracking in conjunction with the Coloring Page or Sticker Chart to show monthly successes. You could mark off the days with a pen, marker, sparkly rainbow sticker, or use the printable ‘Ate My Rainbow Plate’ stickers included in the kit!
    Rainbow Plate Calendar
  • “Ate My Rainbow Plate” Stickers – These can be printed on 1 x 2.63” address labels.  The stickers will print out three per label, so you’ll just need to cut down the middle of the three rows to get three months worth of stickers (90) with just one sheet of address labels!
    Printable Ate My Rainbow Plate Stickers
  • Rainbow Plate Kit How To Instructions – Outlines how each page in the kit can be used, including links to the helper products you might want to get on Amazon.
    Rainbow Plate Printable Kit Instructions


I was really surprised when I started using an incentive chart and how excited my kids were to earn a star when they ate different colored produce.  “Ooh, I ate a strawberry – I get a red star!”  And as the chart filled, they would ask what they could eat to earn a blue star or a green star so they could collect the whole rainbow.  It worked like magic!!


I hope you will find it do the same in your house!  The Printable Eat a Rainbow Plate Kit is the low price of $4.99 – a small price to pay to have your young one eating a little more fruits and veggies, right??   I know you won’t be disappointed, so give it a try today!

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Want to fill up your toolkit with even more tips and tricks for conquering picky eating?  Sign up for my Picky Eaters Anonymous Class or contact me to set up a free 30 minute ‘Picky Eater Battleplan’ consultation and together we’ll uncover your biggest roadblocks and map out a plan to start getting your picky eater on board with a broader range of foods.

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